2019 I Want To Be More Fashionable Than Others, And I Must Have A Little Green On My Body!


Original title: 2019 Want to be more fashionable than others, you must bring something “green”!

Every yearPopular colorThere are quite a few, but there are always several colors that will receive special attention.

In addition to being ruined by major fashion bloggersfrom

Coral orangeActually this yeargreenAlso in an unguarded manner,Take over your sight.

Known as one of the “colors of death”Fluorescent greenHowever, many celebrities have been “favored”.

Zhao Wei, who attended the event earlierFluorescent green shirtCreate a color matching, fresh and elegant, completely do not see Zhao Wei has 40+, it is simplyAnti-age artifactwhat!

Shang Wenyi uses a pairFluorescent green high heelsTo support the field, the large area of ​​black weakens the high-profile of fluorescent green, overallNot too exaggerated and can hold the occasion.

kingThe source brother is wearing a Versace fluorescent green jacket with white patent leather trousers.from

fullyYouthfulness and vitalityYoung is so good!

Bai Yu uses a fluorescent green top with a simple black trousers combination, mint green socksContrast color matchingNot awkward, but give people a shareTide.

Transition from a star under the spotlight toDaren Street ShootThe appearance rate of the fluorescent green single product is also high. A warm turtleneck sweater is perfect for this season, with white wide-leg pants.Fresh and elegant.

Choose a fluorescent green sweater or sweater as an interior, with a variety of jackets, only part of the meeting will be exposeda lot of low-keyThe overall look alsoVery coordinated.

Small area of ​​fluorescent green visuallyNot so big impactBlue light fabric is futuristic and collides with fluorescent green bagsEarn a good rate.

Most fairiesAvoiding fluorescent greenThere is also some truth to it. After all, not everyone has the beauty of the stars and the fashion sense of the bloggers.

However, there are many different kinds of green, except for fluorescent green, and then Xiao Q will share it with everyone.Dark greenIt seems to be a lot of control.

High saturation but not like fluorescent green“stinging”The feeling of the overall dark green shape, with a pair of black and ankle boots to enhanceElegant.

Jackets and small suits are perfect for spring wear, and faded coatsHeavy feelingLooks likeHave a lot of energy.

Wide-leg pants are the favorite of most fairies, dark greenSteady and temperamentThis spring and summer can be safely picked up.

Dark green pleated skirt with light elegance and sneakersmash up, adding a wholeLively and playfulVery suitable for energetic girls.

Dark greensmall itemGood match, it is also a perfect reflection of yourgood taste, showing the classical elegance of the girl fan.

The skin-friendly materials and green are also in line with each other.Pajamas wind shirt with floral skirtThey are all very hot items in spring and summer. Don’t miss this year~

Grass green is a bit more low-key,Fashion is not reducedSexy tea break skirts and unique shirts are not to be missed.Trend single item.

Fresh and brightMint GreenThe color is soft and not glaring, makingPleasing to the eyeIt is a kind of “green” that is very easy to attract attention.

Pure and bright mint green blends into a small suitNatural and retroWalking on the street is the existence of a seductive eye.

Or you can choose small items such as bags and scarves for the overall shape.Brighten,Very fashionablefrom

Care machine”.

The above is the sharing today, I wish you a happy weekend~

Do you like this year’s popular green?

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