Fashion | How To Buy With Emphasis? Look At The Trend Of 19 Years, Hurry, Take Him!


Original title: Fashion | How to buy and buy with emphasis? Look at the trend of 19 years, hurry, take him!

The most recent focus is on the issue of “no rain today”.

The only way to make your mood better,

OnlyBuy buy buyIt is.

Now that it has entered the spring, although the temperature has not yet officially risen, it is a good time to enter the spring. Taking advantage of the recent fashion week, Xiao Kui helped you to put forward some popular trends in advance, so you can buy and buy together with the key points.

TOP 1 / bright color

Everyone found out that since last year, Minimalism and Normcore have rarely been seen on the show. Instead, the color of the publicity is really a good mood at first glance. It seems that this year’s obsession with black and white ash is also You can put it a little bit!

For example, this time everyone’s focus – Fendi show, as the last series completed by the old Buddha, the show also really put a lot of careful thinking.

For example, Lafayette’s iconic Edwardian pointed collar; a huge bow with a superb feel.

And the FF logo designed by Lafayette in 1981 runs through embroidery prints and carpets.

Of course, in addition to these highlights, there is nothing more refreshing than the yellow, orange, and blue-green colors that are registered in the costumes.

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These colors don’t even have a little gray tone, and the saturation is quite high. With this kind of publicity, Xiao Kui feels the confidence and pride of a big woman.

For example, in daily life, we can start from the bright color.

Or a bright suit, as long as it fits with some casual insides and shoes, it is quite Chic~

Who said that we can’t arm ourselves with warmth and brightness?

When it comes to color, MaxMara does not show weakness this time.

In our impression, MaxMara is always a brand that uses the earth color as the main color. But this season, it also began to use a large number of colorful monochrome jackets with calm and chic beige.

The tiered dress makes modern women look confident and extraordinarily eye-catching.

The same is true for Burberry. Riccardo Tisci said on the instrgram long before the start of the show.Let today’s young people have the courage to shout out what they believe and let them find the beauty of their voices.

So in this show, the most obvious addition to Riccardo Tisci’s consistent deconstruction design.

Orange red, green grass, bright pink, which are rarely used in the old British brand, this time appeared in a high profile, undoubtedly expressed the attitude of young people.

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Jacquemus is also well versed in this.

After reading it, people like Xiao Kui, who are particularly uncomfortable with bright colors, feel that it is necessary to enter one or two bright colored items to show their attitude.

In the past, I always felt that the bright colors are easy to show cheesy, or that they are too feminine, but this season’s bright color trends are exuding a keynote: I am confident! I am very attitude!

Then you do not consider the arrangement?

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TOP 2 / Power Sense Jacket

Xiao Kui feels that the redefinition of color at the moment is inextricably linked to the topic of feminism in recent years. In addition to using color or slogans, designers have also incorporated more powerful details into their designs.

For example, the wide shoulders, silently brushed up the sense of existence.

The oversize silhouette and the sharp shoulder line depict an ideal contemporary female image, such as the Ports1961 season, which is like the interpretation of this feeling.

Alexa Chung also made my eyes shine through this wide shoulder.

Xiaokui always thought that Miss Zhong’s brand would be as classic as the style that she passed to us. I didn’t expect this season to rely on the shoulder line to make the whole series instantly.

With a silky skirt and a tough shoulder, she expresses a woman who is flexible and strong.

Such a jacket with a pair of loose jeans or a plain straight skirt will be very advanced.

Don’t look at this time Gucci uses the “mask” to brush the screen, but the essence of this show is on the silhouette of the jacket!

The capitalized “drama” is reflected on the shoulders.

Ferragamo continues its elegant elegance.

It uses a graceful and intimate jacket to make a match. The overall look is not too strong, but you can feel your sense of quality.

If you have a knit dress, you can also mix and match such a wide shoulder jacket!

At this moment, Xiaokui would like to wear it~

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TOP 3 / three-dimensional printing

The print must be an element that little fairies love to see.

Emmm, but this year’s popular print is very special, it is no longer limited to the plane, but appears in a three-dimensional posture, how vivid and vivid.

For example, the rose that appeared on the Prada show, in addition to printed on the clothing, also made a three-dimensional extension, to create a “true and false” opposite beauty.

There is also such a three-dimensional flower handbag, really too chic~

In fact, these graceful flowers are inspired by Frankenstein, which heralds the power of fearless love even in dark days.

As Miuccia Prada said: “The romantic feelings in life make me excited. There are so many different lifes. There are so many fashions. You have to make the best choices at the right time. We always need romance. And love.” It is quite poetic.

Giorgio Armani combines blue and black, embossed textures and glamorous sequins to create a fascinating print that is quite romantic.

If you want to try such an interesting print in your daily life, Xiaokui suggests that you can choose a black and white ash with a lower saturation.

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TOP 4/ animal pattern

Although the animal pattern disappeared in the fashion circle for a few years, this year can be regarded as its high-profile return.

For example, Tod’s show, there is a full-screen leopard element.

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Although the leopard print has always been a symbol of sensuality and wildness, it has been designed as a suit skirt to make it look elegant.

Like everyday, a leopard skirt does not require too much decoration. Just use black accessories as a basic match, it is enough to be bright.

Usually low-key partners can also chase leopard accessories as a small area of ​​embellishment, or do the inside.

Like the latest Dior show, a leopard fisherman hat caught the attention of Xiaokui~

Gucci also did not miss the elements that make it easy to highlight personality.

But this time it was not the leopard print that appeared in front of us, but the hotter snake pattern this year.

Compared to the leopard print, the serpentine pattern is more delicate, and the most attractive ones on the Roberto Cavalli show are these snake prints.

Therefore, its matching is super high, and it is not suitable for people to wear. This spring and summer snake dress or snake coat is a good choice.

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Every fashion week is a trend vane.

The clever and fashionable way is to directly grasp the key points, buy some popular items, and then wear your own style by matching with the basic models.

Finally, Xiaokui wants to say: “There is a style that is more fashionable than wearing more luxury goods and limited editions~”

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