Sandro 2019 Autumn And Winter Series To See First


Original title: Sandro 2019 autumn and winter series to see first

For Sandro women, attitude is everything. Her favorite styling is paired with Sandro’s iconic style, and is also sexy. In the fall/winter 2019 series, Sandro’s design philosophy is a woman from a distant story. This place is between the streets of Paris and Dallas in the 80s. Sandro women are never blinded by appearance. She is loyal to herself, independent, feminine and yearning for freedom.

In the elegance of the 80s, Sandro showed a wardrobe full of reminiscent of the original Otto style, and adjusted according to his personal feelings. Short skirts and elegant dresses are happily placed side by side. The jacket is paired with a short suit and a striped shirt. Light brown and brown accented with rich black. During the quarter, Sandro women turned aside the sport and turned to the 80s vintage charm. White jeans are embellished with adventurous rivets. A perfect tweed jacket with gold buttons and jeans and leather patches. Filigree leggings and two-tone jeans add a touch of brilliance to the Prince of Wales’ masculine sports jacket. On the shoes, although she sometimes chooses Flame or Astro sneakers, she loves hiking boots.

Following the principle of the opposite sex, she added some Texas elements to add to the charm of the city lady. She may not be competing for Miss Country, but she does like to match cowboy boots with flowing skirts and shirts. Oversize’s immersed wool shirt is dotted with rhinestones; double-faced coats are decorated with tassels; dresses and suits with quilted leather cowboy boots. Damask, lures, embroidery and wool add a touch of texture to this mash-up wardrobe. The charm of Sandro women is like a hero in a rodeo: free and brave. 

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