Stella Mccartney Used Fashion To Save The Poor Animals, And Alexander Mcqueen Returned To His Hometown!


Original title: Stella McCartney uses fashion to save poor animals, and Alexander McQueen returns home!

Stella McCartney, who saves the world heritage, is also saving humanity!

If there is no love in the world, the sun will die too – Hugo

ThisIt’s a fashion show, it’s a show that calls for human awakening.. The invitation was very special. A piece of silver tin cardboard was printed with the words “There She Grows” in English, with a dark line of leaves.

The ground of the show was also full of slogans and huge “LOVE”, the staff put the words of For XXX before the show began.

Just the week before the big show, Stella McCartney launched #There She Grows# in Instagram, because a group of poor animals are suffering.The elephant is deep in the mud,

Orangutan loses trees

Even the tigers are horrified, they are losing their homes, nowhere to live.

The event quickly attracted supermodels Karlie Kloss, singer Pink, Justin Timberlake and Hollywood movie star Drew Barrymore, and the number is rising.

Love can create miracles. The destroyed love, once rebuilt, is more magnificent, more beautiful, and more tenacious than the original.–Shakespeare

This group of animals once lived on the most lush on earth.SumatraRainforest,If the picture is beautiful, it is like heaven.

It is the last remaining collection of more than 200 species of mammals such as the Sumatran tiger, the rhinoceros, the wild elephant, the wild orangutan and the Malay bear.

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However, because of poverty, in order to survive, the local community turned this place into a palm oil production site, destroying the land, the plants here and the animals here, and did not stop…

Finally, humans have turned it into a “world’s endangered heritage”, animals and plants are disappearing, or will disappear…


The Sumatra rainforest was cut down and devastated

The scene was so distressing, and Stella McCartney, who was committed to environmental protection, stood up. She called on the world to donate trees to this precious land. In the name of their relatives and friends, let everyone rebuild their homes with love for these animals. : Love it once, now it and the future of it!

The slogan from designer Stella McCartney is also posted on the outside of the Paris Opera House: Dedicated to the ones we love in the past, present & future

This is undoubtedly an activity to save the earth. It is also a morning bell and drum to save humanity.

Stella McCartney will launch this timeSave the endangered Indonesian Sumatra Leju Ecosystem(Leuser Ecosystem)As the theme of the 2019 autumn and winter show, the event will inject the brand’s iconic power and softness into this season’s design. Face the past, present and future, let men and women look and feel the best state.

The national model Zhang Lina opened with a set of jacquard stitching green leather coats, the sharp silhouette cut, the hard green leather and the soft woolen fabric collided with each other. From the beginning, the tone of the whole show was laid out in straightforward form: Looking back at the past, in the soft and power contrast, show the best of yourself.

Stella McCartney’s entire show features sustainable viscose, organic cotton and eco-canvas from forest certification. In the hands of Stella McCartney, the environmentally-friendly leather is attached with the lines of rare animals such as crocodile and python. The long and long windbreaker and down material are deconstructed and reorganized to add a sense of power to contemporary independent women.

The whole series is dominated by black, gray, dark green and burgundy red. It is like a deep autumn with rich oil painting color, and bright blue, pink and yellow to brighten the colors. Show. Needless to say, the practicality of this season’s clothing, whether it is a modified version of the military coat or hollow dress, each set is the best shirt to wear a contemporary independent woman.

The unique shoulder design is one of the highlights of the season. The sturdy shoulder pads range from blazers to neat workwear and flowing dresses, and the visual climax or softness is achieved in a special shoulder with a slightly geometric upturn. Chiffon, or breathable linen, or rough tannins give a sense of glare between vintage and avant-garde.

Knitting apparel, as always, appears in a more sporty and street-like manner, or in the style of ethnic twill, or the use of extra long fabric yarns, which enriches the knit dress with colorful colors. Feeling and flowing.

The flower that appeared in the spring and summer series appeared in a more heated and unrestrained form. The large area of ​​green and white was dotted with red and orange, letting it appear on the collar and chest, romantic and radiant growth. Flowing in the show, it seems that the mysterious power from the exotic has given birth to a simple solid color dress.

Stella McCartney’s modern girl also has hard armor at the moment when there is no sex in the show. The contours and details of the tooling make the overall look tough and awkward, but the gentler material reduces the sharpness of the sturdy, and the girls wearing Stella McCartney are at every step of the way.

The hand bag is the main bag accessory for this big show. Whether it is an exaggerated or normal cylinder body or an ellipse or shell shape, the lines appear in a rounded and minimal form, and this is also the season for the cycle. The embodiment of this concept, and from the mini to the size of the super big, each one has to be loved.

The addition of the British brand Hunter eco-friendly rubber boots is a must-see for this big show. The leather-like luster from black to gray is like a cool and chic woman’s atmosphere, and the authentic environmentally friendly materials make this cool and beautiful beauty a natural free and easy.

ByThe famous artist Sheila Hicks uses local weaving techniques to make and wrap the ornaments. The colors are rich and varied, and they are full of handmade children’s sense of fun. They keep the innocence of the road that you never run away.

Actor Chen Qiaoen wearing Stella McCartney 2019 spring and summer white suit debut in this big show, the pure white suit shows her slender and tall figure, simple and neat.

Recently, Zhang Jia Ni, who has been madly smashing dog food, also attended the big show with a deep V grass green perspective print dress. With the early spring atmosphere, Zhang Jia Ni is a perfect blend of sexy and sweet in spring.

Oprah Winfre, the famous American host, also took a look at this remarkable show across half of the globe. A black knit dress with iconic curls caught the attention of the audience.

Oprah Winfre

Supermodel Karlie Kloss is wearing a slim tailored red dress, exquisitely sexy and enchanting, not to mention the use of black pointed high heels to let the deadly temptation flow from the tiptoe.

Alexa Chung is wearing a Stella McCartney 2019 spring and summer mint dress, a pair of fan velvet ballet shoes to outline the sweetness of the girl.

Alexa Chung

Doutzen Kroes

Janelle Monae

Before the big show, Stella McCartney staff was printing the slogan of the big show in love on the show floor.

The model corresponding to the theme is also printed with “EARTH DAY EVERY DAY” “FUR FREE FUR” and other signs calling for everyone to protect the global environment.

In the backstage of the show, the models and sisters who are waiting for the show will also record this exciting moment.

Stella McCartney’s kindness to fight for nature hopes to awaken human love and redemption for ourselves. Please don’t let the souls have no way to go for their own survival, because today they will be our tomorrow, after all, we are only a member of nature.

Alexander McQueen returns to where the dream started

“This time I returned to my homeland in North England. There are mills and villages everywhere. I led my team to these textile mills and came to my childhood memories map. In this journey, we saw a lot. Fabrics woven by hand and machine, they have also become the inspiration core of this series.”

Sarah Burton

Creative Director

England is not only the hometown of creative director Sarah Burton, but also the home of the brand Alexander McQueen. Most of the styles of this season have been made in the town of Mill, which is also the core of the British textile industry. The delicately tailored western trim has a sleek shoulder line, a full-profile waist curve and beautiful asymmetric pleats. It is presented in smoky grey and charcoal black worsted flannel with British signature trim. The gentle water quality of the area creates a unique touch of clothing.

The long-sleeve valley wave knit skirt is made of wood and silk fabric with contrast trim. Inspired by the complex and beautiful weaving machines seen in the North Tour. The shirt skirt is made of white cotton poplin of different shades and is decorated with slits and hem. The poplin fabric used comes from a historic mill at the foot of the Pennines. This fabric was born in 1790, at the time of the mid-industrial revolution. The soft, polished silk Duke satin skirt features abstract petals and a floral pattern in black, white and ivory. The length of the skirt, the ruffles, and the tight bodice remind people of the image of the heroine in Bronte’s novels.

Inspired by the striking Welsh plaid pattern and the Lancaster family’s red rose badge, it appears in different colors on polished leather fabrics, and is carefully cut and matched with a shoulder design to create an asymmetrical stereoscopic vision. . The matte fabric of the black leather motorcycle jacket is decorated with sequined rivet layer lapels and suture inserts, and the silk and mohair fabrics of the asymmetrically split knit skirt are decorated with delicate silk thread to achieve the old effect. Leaf edge. The inspiration for this technique stems from the fleece technique in the mill.

The playful round-toe knee-high boots are adorned with a thick sole or high-heeled traction sole with contrast stitching and edging, embroidered or polished design. The shoe cover is a sneaker that is not picky. It is mastered in gentleness and handsomeness. With just the right balance, it is both elegant and youthful.

The brand’s signature jewellery clutch is also interlocked with this industrial style, and high-gloss granules with single drop crystal or rivet leather complement each other. The metallic V-handle is placed on a thick leather panel, and the north and south pointer Pinter handbags present feminine appearance and masculine design details.

Accessories, multi-ring earrings, necklaces, cuffs and two-tone metal rings that echo the costumes are also presented in an industrial style texture and finish.

The entire show was also arranged as a hand-made workshop, and the guest’s tubular seats were made of Alexander McQueen classic fabric and wool fabric from the British mill. These mills include: William Halstead, John Foster, Bower Roebuck, Saville Clifford and Joshua Ellis.

The makeup photos of the model’s backstage also exude strong female power.

Also see the punk of the McQueen era

The tribute to the fashion workshops has also returned to the most pristine source of fashion.

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