The Fashion Blogger’s Thing, Do You Want To Know ?


Original title: The point of fashion bloggers, do you want to know

Before, many babies were asking the grass in the background, how did vv go on the road of girlfriend fashion bloggers? ? ? The two of us actually met in the previous working relationship. We are already girlfriends, and we have known each other for ten years. In the slow contact we found that each other’s personality is very close, and of course they appreciate the attitude of the other side to handle the work. So is also full of love for fashion, and we have gradually become friends who have nothing to say! (The soul mate in life is not too hhh)

And we used to go to travel together often, whether it is London, Los Angeles or the Grand Canyon of the United States, we are photographers who are taking care of each other.

What is touched is that the grass and vv that shoot each other can always get the most beautiful moments of the other party. You don’t have to say each other what angle you need to shoot. Of course, this high rate of filming always makes us very happy, because we can save enough time in the later revision.

In fact, we didn’t think about becoming a fashion blogger at the beginning, because a passion for fashion always shared our dressing concept through the photo record on the social platform. Surprisingly, suddenly there are really many fans who like it. just nowweMore is to continue to grow in this process, to learn some areas that have not been mastered before. Quietly telling Mu Meng, in fact, we used to be photography white, and the photos taken after continuous learning have also received a lot of recognition. So we are very willing to try to learn some new things, including how to find out the quality now. Video for everyone.

Telling the truth, supporting us to be a blogger for so long, the biggest motivation is to solve some of the young babies how to save money and wide to buy a good thing!For fashion bloggers, the idea of ​​everyone is that they love money and special defeats. In fact, it is not the same, grass, vv feel that even wearing a big name on the body may not be good-looking, some mix big-name style I want to be more suitable for us.Of course, we will also hide some designer brands or niche brands. Today we will talk to you about a treasure brand that we have been wearing for two years.

HOPESHOW is a brand that we have always admired. Her clothing concept has completely separated the inner monologue of women’s independent self, so that grass and vv saw the shadow of their own tireless efforts, so they have been privately treasured. ~

Speaking offrom

HOPESHOWQingcao feels that this season is really super nice, and every piece can be arbitrarily versatile. Even if you buy a single item, you can mix it with 2~3 shapes. Then you can see what kind of combination lookup with the grass.

I always wanted to buy a windbreaker that is elegant and generous, with a sense of design in the details.from

HOPESHOWFinally helped me find the perfect piece of my heart.

I have to boast that the details of this trench coat are also perfect. The neckline and cuffs are all symmetrical lattices. When you turn them out, you will have a retro and playful feeling. You can wear them casually and elegantly!

In the early spring, the grass is warm and cold, and the grass likes to put this windbreaker andfrom

HOPESHOWAnother small suit that I like very much is used to add layering.

Even a relaxing weekend, I don’t think I can feel free. If you like shopping, the babies who are partying are sweet and delicate, you must wear them.from

HOPESHOWIt’s a great fit, simple tones or an elegant combination that always gives us a stylish, casual and comfortable weekend look.

Striped shirt with black gauze skirt, sweet and handsome, and the fabric of the striped knit top is super soft and comfortable to wear. It is said to be the favorite combination of grass and early spring.

However, you can also take a piece outside.from

HOPESHOWThe beige plaid suit with beige clips not only enhances the sense of layering, but also strongly conveys the atmosphere of the early spring.

In the workplace, workplace wear is often attributed to being as serious as bank safes, but what surprises us isfrom

HOPESHOWIt is always a perfect balance between “identity” and “fun”. Let every workplace wear a sense of formality, and the modern fan is full of style and style.

Just like this, this one has appeared many times.from

Beige, pink blazer,Can be combined with a lot of shapes, andfrom

HOPESHOWThis dark blue wide-leg pants also feels perfect, and the legs are long and thin, and the taste is so good. I think it is especially suitable for urban office ladies.

Some small details including her home are also very delicate, such asfrom

HOPESHOWThis H embroidery on white T is quite chic~

of coursefrom

HOPESHOWThis blue vertical wide-leg pants is also super versatile, wearing a very slim body and a slim legs. It is also very eye-catching with another green-gray striped suit picked by the grass.

The plaid color of this suit really can’t be loved anymore.from

The delicate, atmospheric cut exudes intellectual power.The gray is just rightly decorated with elegant avocado green plaid, lively and generous.

Tell the truthfrom

HOPESHOWThe biggest drop of this season’s clothes is super wild. For example, the clothes I bought can be combined at will, with different styles, not just limited to a style!from

Ideal wardrobefrom

HOPESHOWIt is a great experience to satisfy my changing dressing experience.

And recently, I was surprised to find that two of the lovers of love beans, Zhou Dongyu and Jiang Shuying are alsofrom

HOPESHOWHome strength star user,Zhou Dongyu’s body is the best interpretation of the early spring style of Qingcao’s heart. The Rococo-style printed top with lavender-colored PU skirts has evolved into a clean and beautiful girl in Zhou Dongyu.

(pictures are from the network)

If if they are muddy love beans, do you want to consider the stars? HOPESHOW is launching#My LifeExcellent Treatment#The theme activity is also the inheritance of the concept that the grass has always pursued the concept of female independence and individuality, and it just happened to catch up.from

3.8 Queen’s Day, there are many beautiful clothes have activities!

The favorite babies can go and see, of course, the grass also gives you the exclusive benefits, just below! ! ! !

Profit time

This time, grass and vv and HOPESHOW have prepared a small welfare for you~

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