Use A Small White Shoes, With The Most Fashionable Look_Nike In The Early Spring Of This Year


Original title: Wear the Raiders | Use a small white shoes, with the most fashionable LOOK in the early spring of this year

What shoes are best to wear in the early spring? There are 9 fashion bloggers who will tell you that it is: small! White! shoe!

To be honest, the heat of small white shoes has not faded in the fashion industry from the beginning to the present. It is comfortable and versatile. It often appears in various fashionable street beats, and it is super popular in spring. Today, PC sauce will give you the best and most fashionable white shoes to wear in the early spring. Who doesn’t love small white shoes? It can control your entire wardrobe.

Skirt + white shoes

For women, skirts are a must-have item for all seasons. In the early spring, many little fairies could not wait to put on the thin skirt. Although it can make you beautiful with high-heeled shoes, but with a pair of good-looking white shoes, not only does not lose the femininity, but also more casual and handsome, more energetic, and comfortable to fly.

A bright yellow dress can bring vitality to the early spring, while the white shoes can neutralize the bright colors and add a lot to the whole LOOK.

Pink openwork dress with small white shoes, full temperament, coupled with a warm camel windbreaker, instantly transformed into a literary romantic girl, stylish and gentle.

Black dress with small white shoes, simple black and white LOOK, plus a leather jacket, simple and handsome.

Simple black and white collocation, and a more casual and comfortable.

Whether or not there is a pair of long legs, short skirts + small white shoes to wear, small white shoes and a sexy skirt, so that the short skirt can be beautiful, the long legs are displayed in minutes.

A small skirt with small white shoes is a mistake that can not be mistaken, can bring a fresh and energetic atmosphere for early spring to make people feel refreshed.

Pants + small white shoes

If the skirt + white shoes are fresh and energetic, then the pants + white shoes are a classic fashion match.

The short sweater with high-waist wide-leg pants, the legs are high and thin, with small white shoes, and more casual comfort.

Even if it is black, the combination of white shoes and wide-leg pants will not appear dull, but free and easy.

Jeans + white shoes, can be said to be a timeless fashion classic wear.

Sportswear + small white shoes

Athleisure, the sport and leisure style, has been popular for several years, but it is still hot. More and more fashion bloggers wear sportswear + white shoes out of the street.

The moderately exposed crop top is cool and sexy, with small white shoes out of the street, youthful and super-aged.

The small white shoes are paired with the sporty “uniform pants”, the bright orange and the contrasting white, which show the personality and vitality.

What are the good little white shoes?

Since the little white shoes are so good to wear, which one should we buy? Today, PC Sauce has chosen the best white shoes for you. Wear it, you can finish the year after year.

Nike Air Max Dia SE

NIKE’s new model Air Max Dia SE designed for female compatriots. The body is made of soft suede and the translucent upper material of recent years. The white appearance of this season is neat and clean. It is modern and looks very light. .

The thick midsole is fitted with an exposed air cushion on the heel and then wrapped in a transparent TPU material to maximize the AIR MAX air cushion unit. In addition, a number of cushioning foams are added to increase the comfort of wearing.

This shoe has a perfect line ratio. It has a versatile tapered toe and is very delicate after the foot. It is suitable for women in both contour and proportion, and it has a high value and is both aesthetic and practical.

PC sauce uses the most classic sweater + black tights + small white shoes, just to see the flying, age and fashion, it can be said that the girls must have a versatile single.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

This is a sporty white shoe. Whether it is functional or appearance, this shoe has been highly praised by the media and the hipsters. Nike Epic React Flyknit 2’s upper design is extremely simple, the designer made a whole piece of Nike React foam into the midsole and outsole of Nike Epic React Flyknit 2, which is soft and light.

Extending its integrated Flyknit upper design, the forefoot, toe and arch areas are highly conformable to the feet, without the midsole support structure, adhesive or glue, and the entire shoe looks very agile.

I tried it on the PC sauce and it was really super comfortable and soft. The fit of the foot is not tight at the same time, the design of the sock-style is very good, and the stocking is particularly beautiful. The classic all-purpose white shoes, the bright color of the back is very eye-catching, making the whole mix more fashionable.

The refreshing shape is very good with clothes, and the white clothes with bright colors look very jumping. A contrasting sweatshirt with small white shoes is fashionable and beautiful.

If Xiao Xiaowen is paired with a lime green sportswear, Wenjing’s white shoes do not weaken the overall harmony. Instead, it makes people look like a handsome girl in the gas field. It is cool and stylish. Showing his personality, the street eye-catching index is absolutely 1000%.

Yan Xiaowen got on Nike’s little white shoes, and Zhou Dongyu also got a foot on NIKE’s new NIKE MAX 720, which is a unique “future shoe”. This pair of AIR MAX 720 shoes is super-avant-garde, and the red and blue gradient color of Zhou Dongyu looks very cool. Whether it is from the sole or the side of the shoe, it is super-shaped, and the upper foot effect is also excellent. Simple With the match, you can get out of the sky.

The outsole uses an extra-thick 360° air cushion, which is much thicker than the AIR MAX 270 launched last year. The endurance and comfort of the shoes are full marks, and its superb color is very eye-catching. It is definitely the most IN in the early spring of this year.

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