Original title: Uniqlo spring and summer new products are open, more fashionable than the U series!

Last month, I just got a new spring and summer UNIQU U series with everyone.Unexpectedly, after only a year, Uniqlo came to steal money again? !

This time, it is the cooperation between Uniqlo and Ines de La Fressange. 2019 Spring Summer Collection.

Although this collaboration series is not as famous as the U series, I think it is better than the U series.More fashionable!

Every time you go online, you will be robbed and emptied. If you buy it, you can’t buy it all by hand!

So who is Ines de La Fressange?She was in the 1980sThe most famous model in France.

Chanel’s first in historyExclusive model, Lafayette’s inspiration muse!

She believes that simple, casual, classic, mashup, no need to be perfect from head to toe, isFrench fashionThe essence.

Look at the IDLF series of LOOKBOOK, you can feel the series is goingLazy and casual French style.

Design inspiration comes fromInes’ hometown: Saint-Tropez in the south of France, with the most beautiful beaches in France and the most beautiful summer.

Elegant cuts blend with sunny tones, simple and casual, this everydayFrench fashionNo matter how many teenagers, they will not be outdated.

AnywayII have been madly planting this series, and I have taken a few sets of LOOK.Come see what is thereworth to buyLet’s go!

Wrapped shirt + wide leg pants

Hemp cotton shirt (seven-quarter sleeve) 415045 ¥299

Hemp cotton casual trousers 415988 ¥299

At first glance, the most attractive thing for me is this shirt.One-pieceWrap designWith the hem of the hem, it is very fashionable.

The most outstanding of several colors is that this is very white.red.With loose and stylishDark blue wide leg pants, French CHIC feels right awayOut.

V-neck cardigan + dress

Georgette Sling Dress 417143 ¥299

Ribbed V-neck cardigan (long sleeve) 417427 ¥249

Scarves 415871 ¥149

If you want to build a similar to LOOK 1Girlfriends wearThis red dress is a good choice.Incorporating a wave of elements adds a romantic and romantic atmosphere.

go withVacationIt is very suitable for single wear.Can also be used with whiteV-neck cardigan.If you feel too monotonous, many of the accessories in the IDLF series are also very good.

Such as this oneSmall love scarfSilk fabrics are comfortable and textured.

Dress + hat

Cotton pleated dress (short sleeve) 418160 ¥399

Bread bag 415886 ¥199

Hat 415879 ¥149

Since the source of inspiration is Saint Tropez is a holiday resort, thenFrench holiday styleIt is essential.This pleated dress is the standard for French vacation style.

Cotton material + buckle design + skirt pleating, that kindLiterary,freeThe feeling, immediately appeared.

Among the other colors of this skirt, dark blue and orange are recommended, they are all spring.Fresh color.

Matching hats and satchels are all woven, holiday essentials~

Striped sweater + wide leg pants

Striped boat neck sweater (long sleeve) 418002 ¥249

Hemp wide leg pants 416084 ¥299

Hat 415880 ¥149

Striped sweaterIt is a timeless versatile item.Uniqlo IDLF series of sweaters have always been good quality and reputation, it is worth a start.

Although the matching of knitwear + wide-leg pants looksVery ordinary, really very good after the upper bodySimple and durableof.

Mesh sweater + culottes

Mesh round neck sweater (short sleeve) 417432 ¥149

Hemp skirt 416051 ¥299

Hat 415879 ¥149

thisMesh sweaterThe version is just too loose, and the texture of the weave has a fresh and transparent feel. It is also a good choice to do the inside.

Mesh sweater + culottes

Cotton crew neck T-shirt (short sleeve) 415373 ¥99

Hemp skirt 416051 ¥299

The IDLF series of T-shirts have no bells and whistles, only simple colored striped ribs.There are also sash designs on both sides of the hem, which are fashionable in single or in-line.

This set is matched with the green and trousers in the stripes to match the military green, casual and simple.

Cotton and linen jacket + sweater + wide leg pants

Hemp cotton jacket 415308 ¥599

Round neck sweater (long sleeve) 417418 ¥249

Cotton casual trousers 418199 ¥299

Spring and summer must have a moderately thickWild white coat.A simple beige sweater gives a lazy feeling.

Pants choose a very good straight leg pants, the waist can beAdjust waist circumferenceNot very picky.The overall style is neutral and casual.

Shirt + skirt

Hemp V-neck shirt (long sleeve) 415050 ¥199

Georgette skirt 416057 ¥299

Straw bag 415887 ¥199

Finally, this set of LOOK is proper.Elegant French girlHey.The shirt is tailored and slim, and the V-neck is slim, with a retro red half skirt, soft and elegant.

Another in this seriesSmall straw packageThe small fresh style is also how to look good.


In addition to the above mentioned, this highlight of the Ines series is: pajamas!a lot of stylesAnd they are very nice.

Cotton and linen blended pajamas (long sleeves) 415288 ¥249

Cotton pajamas (long sleeves) 418182 ¥249

Fancy pajamas (seven-quarter sleeves) 418187 ¥249

The overall color is gentle, the material is also soft and skin-friendly.Can be said to be homeImprove happinessA must.

Finally, it must be mentioned that the IDLF series has also been launched.Children’s wearAnd many models are the MINI version of the adult model.

That is to say, there are children at home, you can mix with children with ultra-fashion UNIQLOParenting out the doorLa!Think about it, I think it’s too windy~

These are some of the items I picked out in this UNIQLO IDLF series.There are still a lot of super nice styles that can’t be finished here, everyone can go onUniqlo flagship storeLook at ~

I don’t know if you have a little bit of movement in this series?