When the light luxury hand opportunities on the black technology subvert your cognition

If the protagonists of “Star Wars”, “Avatar”, and “Transformers” hold a simple and smooth mobile phone in their hands, you must feel that something is wrong?

In addition to bringing people exciting and spectacular scenes, the sci-fi movies are full of hard and black technology.

The black technology in the movie is also changing with each passing day. In the “Minority Report”, Tom Cruise is impressive in the gesture of using gestures in front of the transparent computer screen. In Iron Man, this operation has evolved. No special gloves are needed, which can be achieved by gesture sliding and finger zooming. Just like our mobile phones, from the current resistance screen to multi-touch capacitive screens to gesture operations, some manufacturers have begun to solve the problem that multi-touch and pressure can not be parallel.

The upgrade of technology not only brings convenience to our lives, but also brings many surprises. However, it seems that the reality can never catch up with the imagination. Even if the aluminum alloy and ceramics used in daily life (that is, your kitchen) are used on mobile phones, they will be promoted by some low-end brands as “black technology”. It is to let the old drivers of the materials industry laugh and generous. As for the appearance, you can make up your mind and let Batman hold the fruit mobile phone.

However, after a series of surveys and friends’ recommendations, Xiaobian recommended a grand recommendation today, and truly has a number of black technology mobile phones – France HANMAC.

1. Black technology of materials and processes, subverting the manufacturing process

The mobile phone produced by the batch pipeline not only attracts users in appearance, but more importantly, the application of real black technology is just around the corner, purely to control costs and market gimmicks. This phenomenon directly led to the serious homogenization of the global mobile phone industry, and the fight against price wars became a trend. HANMAC insists that every mobile phone is hand-crafted by craftsmanship. At the same time, it invites top designers from many cross-border fields to form a design team, which is better in the manufacturing process, which makes HANMAC not only have every mobile phone. The unique appearance is full of real technology, but also penetrates the cultural soul of the mobile phone itself.

Second, unique fingerprint switching encryption technology, making dreams come true