Who said that night and mobile photography can not have a combination of photos shocked you

Following the news of the upcoming release of Maimang 5 and related posters, this “heroic flagship” has been reluctant to show up its true appearance and product highlights, such as “still immersed in half-faced”, full of mystery and suffocating at the same time. The appetite of fans. At this time, a group of Makeng 5 night proofs exposed by well-known photography media is like a blockbuster, so that the speculations of the various opinions finally have a hint of “staying in the clouds and seeing the moon.” The clear and more textured large-scale proofs not only show the super performance of Maimang 5 at night, but also because it is the first selling point of Maimang 5. The night shooting function is also considered to be very likely to be taken by Huawei mobile phones. A technological innovation.

The night shots of the Maimang 5 were taken in the night scene + dim light, whether it is under the glare of the night, the dark corners of the light, or the “Flourish” scene with extremely high color requirements. The texture, clarity and contrast of the photos presented are truly amazing. Abandoning the distortion caused by over-exposure, the color is soft and full of the quiet and delicate characteristics brought by the night, showing the extraordinary light control and color performance ability under the dark light conditions.



The above two samples under the dim light conditions at night have bright spots. For example, under the illumination of the light column, the green color of the plant is clear and rich, and the veins of the leaves are even clearly visible. The treatment of light can be said to be quite in place. The contrast between the white white light near the bottom and the black color of the exterior wall of the building is quite true. It shows excellent control over light and shadow and even depth of field. It has a layering of light and dark light, three-dimensional richness and noise control. Better than the quality of SLR cameras. Especially in the fast-changing mobile phone camera technology, it is rare to take the dark light to the extreme. If this is really taken by Maimang 5, it is not an exaggeration to call it “Night Master”.